Document Type : Research Manuscript


computer department, engineering faculty, Ghiaseddin jamshid Kashani University, Qzvin, Abyek, Iran


One of the important challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks is to proceeds data transmission in a way that tries to increase the life of the network. One of the main issues is the reduction of latency in the node and energy in the sink nodes. Due to the limited energy of the nodes, data transmission has the largest share in energy consumption, so it is important to design a structure that has the least amount of energy in sending data to the base station. In this paper, we use fuzzy logic and Mamdani method for clustering to solve the challenge and time division multiplexing method to connect the nodes with the header. The proposed clustering is based on the use of the LEACH algorithm, the capability and reliability of which are improved by fuzzy systems, and the particle optimization algorithm is used to optimize the path of the networks. The simulation results show that energy consumption decreases with increasing number of cycles. For example, energy consumption reached 0.9 in the 2000 round and 0.1 in the 5000 round.